Act 2: All In

What is Act II: All In?

Essentially, this is a capital campaign intended to eliminate the debt on our property at 2060 Regency Road. At the launch of Act II, this debt stands at nearly $300,000. With the available resources following debt elimination, we will completely fund a full-time lead pastor position, as well as offer improved resources to the surrounding community.

Several years ago, First UMC held an Act One campaign. That campaign included setting aside funds for the Offerings move off the Downtown campus. Following our subsequent move to Regency Road, we believe that elimination of our property debt will be just as significant to the life of our congregation as was Act One, by promoting greater financial independence and facilitating fruitful ministry for years to come. “All In” represents our commitment to God and this church through our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. In short, this campaign represents one of the ways in which we corporately express discipleship.

More Resources and Information

See our full Act II: All In booklet [pdf] with more details about Act II.

See our 20 day devotional guide [pdf] leading up to our commitment Sunday on February 11. Or subscribe here to receive the daily devotional updates by email.

Give to Act II by using our online giving portal and choosing “Offerings Act II” from the dropdown menu of giving options. (If you are not already registered for giving through this portal, registration should be quick and easy. Or contact Chad Foster for help.)

For stock transfers or other forms of giving, contact the church’s executive pastor, Chad Foster.

To make a 1- or 3-year pledge to Offerings Act II, use our online Pledge Form.

Introductory Letter from Teddy

“Take your everyday, ordinary lives––your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around lives––and place them before God as an offering.”

Over a decade ago, this community started with that verse from Romans 12, as it is in The Message version. What a beautiful picture of a Christian community! We come together, ordinary people, and we place ourselves before God, who has given himself to us. We do it trusting and certain that God does far more than we can imagine with anything given over to him.

I think this verse has been an especially fitting picture for our community. Who we are now as a community––the way we worship, the way we care for each other, and the way we serve in the world––wasn’t planned in a conference room nearly as much as it was shaped by each of you. From the few of you who have been here since the beginning, to people who were with us only a while before moving, to those of you who are relatively new––God has used each person to contribute to who we are.

As we were talking about this next step, the words “All In” kept running through my mind. I’ve witnessed time after time the change that has happened in your lives when you decided to go “all in” on your faith––to get serious about your own prayer and discipleship, to make a difficult confession, to trust God with something you had been holding onto. I’ve witnessed the change in our community that comes when someone is “all in”––when they commit to showing up consistently, serving, leading, giving, inviting others. And I’ve witnessed what happens in our community when all of us are in together.

I still thank God for holding this community together as we moved to Stone Road, even though many would have likely voted against it. All of us were not in agreement, and yet we were all in. What a testament to your faithfulness and God’s goodness to us!

So I’m asking myself and asking you what it means to be “All In.” What does it look like to be “All In” on my faith—wholly devoted to God, holding nothing back? What does it mean to be “All In” as a member of this community––faithful in my prayers, my presence, my giving, my service, and my witness? And what does it look like when All of us are In together?

Whatever it is, it’s a beautiful picture. And it takes us places none of us can dream on our own, because I’m convinced that when we give ourselves to God, he transforms us in ways that far exceed our small imaginations.

This next phase is going to be a big challenge for us. We hope to raise $300,000 over the next three years, while also continuing to grow our budget. Frankly, I’ve had moments of doubt and anxiety about it. It seems beyond our capacity. And yet, I’ve seen this community exceed what I thought we could do many times already. I’ve seen God’s provision countless and surprising times. And so for all my doubts, I enter this season excited to see how God continues to bless us with his abundant provisions, and how he continues to use you.


Teddy Ray
Lead Pastor, Offerings Community